Corporate Team Development

John’s corporate engagements focus on guiding successful leaders – and cutting-edge organizations – through times of dynamic, often radical, change and growth.

He work’s with select companies whose leadership embraces the fundamental tenets of: integrity; purpose; feedback and accountability; support; ease and flow; and celebration.

John facilitates committed leaders determined to align their executive teams and elevate their organizations. His aim is to integrate discussions of team effectiveness with core business issues, helping companies avoid politics and confusion, make higher quality decisions and retain top talent.

John’s approach is customized to fit the specific needs of each client and is designed to not only aid teams that may be struggling but also help functioning teams continue to succeed.

Using experiential and interactive exercises, John guides leaders and teams to open new gateways by helping them identify the patterns beneath the surface that block performance and untapped potential. By introducing and practicing new tools, we breakthrough the old patterns and replace them with the team’s new “common disciplines” anchored for sustained results.

John works best with teams that are prepared to provide the leadership for fundamental change. Each engagement is tailor-made, with its own set of issues and objectives.