Edge Leadership Coaching

Designed to support you through a journey of discovery.

As time passes, and we go higher up the corporate ladder, we many times find ourselves feeling distanced from the support that we may have had earlier in our careers. The truth is that a majority of CEO’s feel like they have no one to turn to with some of their most difficult issues.

John’s Coaching program is designed to support leaders through those difficult, challenging periods in their lives. Everyone has them. Everyone needs support. NOT everyone is willing to seek and ask for help!

For those that do, they are rewarded with life changing self-discovery as they work through business, family, personal, spiritual issues. They learn pragmatic tools, deal with old baggage, reconnect with their core passion and purpose, and become energized and inspired once again.

John’s approach is to use the current challenge as a learning gateway. He will then facilitate discovery as to the causes, process the issues and unfold the decisions required. We assume the leader knows what he needs to do. However, he may need some support to uncover those answers. In this way, every coaching engagement is unique to the leader John works with.

John works with men and women, domestic and international, private, family, public company leaders that have found themselves working through difficult issues. His goal is to always reconnect the leader to their core beliefs, passion and purpose to achieve the breakthroughs desired.

The Coaching Process

John begins the program with a 1 1/2-day session together. The primary goal of this session is get to know you on a deeper level, and structure a specific direction. He is able to identify your core beliefs, patterns, behaviors and dilemmas that create blocks to what you want. He translates the direction into specific objectives and actions that he will implement and integrate over the next year.

The next phase of the coaching process involves regular coaching sessions. They will be weekly calls and will typically be for 30 minutes to one hour. This allows us to maintain the frequency of contact to ensure successful integration of the process in to your life. Beyond the scheduled advisory calls, you are invited to email or call John at any time. He encourages you to use him whenever you need counsel.

John’s Commitment To You

He stands in the future you want to create.

He is totally committed to your success.

He challenges and supports you on your goals, priorities and blind spots.

He speaks to you based on a commitment to the truth.

He empowers you to deliver on your commitments.

He is a cheerleader for your successes.

Inside Out Approach

What do you want to have happen?

What do you passionately care about?

What really matters to you?

What are your core beliefs?

What are your strengths?

What are the gaps?

What are the blocks that prevent you from achieving what you want?

What are your biggest blind spots?

Create and translate into a plan.

Provide accountability and support.