This is a collection of the BURN IT IN CARDS for all the different videos on the site.

Ego Crusher

You have to take charge of your EGO. You have to run the show and the let the ego know it is in service to you. If you can manage this switch in roles then you will open up a whole new world of growth and possibilities.

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Claim Responsibility

Responsibility is an action you take. It is something you decide to do. There is tremendous power in taking responsibly, right now, for whatever is occurring in your life.

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Being Present

Many of us have a hard time balancing the reality of being in the presence of others, along with the importance being present with others. We have to learn to be more conscious of what it takes to be fully engaged in the moment.

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Active Listening

Learning how to become an Active Listener is one of the most important skills we can learn as human beings. And I believe it is the #1 skill that any good leader has to learn. Feedback is constant in our daily lives. How we welcome and address it, is what makes us who we are. It becomes a gateway for ongoing personal improvement and development.

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Change is hard to do. Not because we don’t want to it, but because of how our brain is wired. And if you don’t understand how it works then the likelihood that you’ll make any lasting changes is not very good. With motivation and the right effort you can rewire your brain.

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Ego Stories

It is incredible the stories we make up in our mind. Our ego does an great job of weaving judgments with facts to make this stories seem true. This video will help you unravel the process in order to shift how these stories impact your life.

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