Models That Work

This library includes models that can guide you in many different situations.

Defensiveness To Curiosity

This model is again from the book Radical Change Radical Results. This explains how we get into defensiveness and when we are below the line we are closed. Our goal is to learn how to shift into Curiosity. When we are curious we are open and learning.

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Pause - Shift Model

This model if from Kate Ludeman's book 'Radical Change Radical Results. I highly recommend you read the book. This model show you how to shift out of defensive or reactive behavior to learning and proactive behavior. The key element of this model is know how to PAUSE to initiate the shift.

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Stages of Awareness

Awareness is everything. Self awareness is what all this leadership work is about. This is a simple 4-step awareness model that can really help you as you expand your awareness and managing change.

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