Soul Art Newsletters

This is a collection of the Soul Art Newsletters that I have produced over the past few years. Soulful Reading!

Toxicity Of Media

The media we consume every day - TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, even the Internet, Blackberry and videogames - feeds our minds and can have a powerful influence on our lives.

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Over and over and over . . .

Life is about playing the music of 'our' soul, regardless of what others might think - because the only one who needs to love our song is us.

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Measuring Up

How much is enough?

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Share Your Light

The way we can change individually, and change the world we live in, is through true sharing.

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Holding Grasping Squeezing

Our culture would have you believe that we are entitled to money, material and possessions. Because that's how we measure success, by how much stuff we accumulate. And that success, that stuff, is so important to us, that we hold on to it with ruthless determination.

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