Marc Roth EO Chicago

“Thanks very much for moderating one of my favorite retreats in ten years. I’m grateful for your passion toward providing us with an excellent experience. The survey you had us fill out about ourselves was amongst the best and most thoughtful that I’ve ever completed (and I’ve done many including the 360 degree experience). Your personal interview after reading the completed survey really exemplified your commitment to getting to know us as individuals as well as a group in advance, and undoubtedly played a major role in your preparedness. I also like the way in which you engaged our spouses/partners to drill down potential hurdles and/or growth opportunities. Again, given that we only had a couple days, your pre-retreat work really helped us all get to the top 1% very quickly. I also wanted to compliment you on your moderator style and effectiveness. Your ability to balance respect, directness, and passion for the experience helped get to the juicy stuff quickly, built trust amongst the group extending to you as a moderator, and helped us stay honest and on track. Your moderating was truly key to our experience, as was evident when we all felt both exhausted and exhilarated coming out of each day’s session”.