Reuben S. Levy   EO Detroit

Reuben S. Levy EO Detroit

Obi John Kenobe - thanks again for your help.  I always come away a better person.  Great spending some more time with you and the story of that retreat was awesome!

David Petoskey EO Detroit

David Petoskey EO Detroit

"I love John Drury and not afraid to say it - seriously I can't thank you enough for what you do/ did for me personally and our table. We are truly stronger with your guidance! Thank you JD!!!!

John Lie Nielsen YPO Miami

John Lie Nielsen YPO Miami

"John has led several forum retreats for my forum.  We keep coming back to John because of his strengths in getting us to push harder into issues driving unhealthy or at least not optimal behaviors.  His approach is to listen and ask questions, not to lecture.  John will challenge you, but only after asking if its ok.  We expect to continue working with him in the future!"

Alex Hernandez EO Fort Lauderdale

Alex Hernandez EO Fort Lauderdale

“My peer group engaged John Drury as a facilitator for our Team Retreat.  He worked with us on Meeting Structure & Content, Conflict Resolution, and Goal Setting. I value John’s tactic of incorporating time-proven methods combined with personal experience to develop a well-rounded personal growth model. This time, I find that I have been committed to implementing the strategy rather than just a one day “feel good” experience. I attribute this to John’s commitment to follow up and accountability and his continued assistance that has truly “facilitated” us in our pursuits.”

John Howland WPO Essex Forum

John Howland WPO Essex Forum

"I want to thank you for skillfully facilitating what I think was a very worthwhile day. I am convinced our forum is stronger now than it was when we all sat down for breakfast on Tuesday morning at the SLS Hotel - and it was already a darn good forum thanks to Larry's leadership and the assistance you provided last March".

Gary Connors  YPO Tampa

Gary Connors YPO Tampa

"Thank you. For me, our retreat was a rekindling of the fire I longed for in our forum. You  awakened in me a burning desire to help us seek the truth in ourselves and provided, in my judgment, the right tools to get us there, curiosity and courage. I am very excited to put both of these to work and very optimistic about the results they will produce in our lives".

Ken Hood  YPO FUNO Forum

Ken Hood YPO FUNO Forum

John led our Forum retreats over a period of several years and took us on a journey that was as vivid and impactful as one could imagine. He continually built upon themes and provided us with the tools to first imagine and then make tangible incredible possibilities. His process is both inspirational and pragmatic, and he has rich personal experiences to bring to the table, along with his own body of work. John is an passionate leader and his sincerity is unmatched. He is a coach who can bring transformational possibilities into play for those willing to invest and reap the rewards!

Thomas P. Kane   YPO Washington DC/Baltimore Chapter

Thomas P. Kane YPO Washington DC/Baltimore Chapter

"John arrived at our forum retreat 100% prepared to help our group get to the next level.  His pre-meeting work was exceptional and during our day together he brought the passion and commitment he is known for.  Our forum benefited greatly from John's expertise and I would highly recommend him to other groups."

Shep Moyle     YPO Indiana        YPO International Chairman 2005-06

Shep Moyle YPO Indiana YPO International Chairman 2005-06

"After 22 years in YPO, I have seen my share of great facilitators around the world. While not given to many platitudes, John is the very best. He brings an unique combination of YPO DNA, real world practicality, uncanny personal insight and a refreshing candor to the forum experience. He has made me think about myself and my own journey in substantively different ways. If you want to take your forum and journey of discovery to places eheretofore undiscovered, John is your guy. I am looking forward to using John in my business as well to help me to continue to maximize my effectiveness. John has my highest personal recommendation for all YPO’ers and YPO/WPO forums.”

Matthew K Smith  YPO Palm Beach Forum

Matthew K Smith YPO Palm Beach Forum

"John Drury is a very skilled and insightful motivational speaker and thinker. He was the moderator for a Gathering of 8 Senior Executives from different companies who are part of a professional organization. We had an 8 hour session. We all learned about building trust and respect and most importantly, we learned a lot about ourselves. Very impact full and well worth your time and money."

Rob Panepinto  YPO Orlando

Rob Panepinto YPO Orlando

“My thanks to you and Debbie. I know we all felt it was a great day. For me personally, the exercise definitely helped put some things I know about myself into a different context. I left the meeting with what I had on creating a path to help provide clarity."

Tom Rivkin  YPO Chicagoland Forum

Tom Rivkin YPO Chicagoland Forum

"Thanks again for a fabulous forum experience. The depth of the "Father" exercise took us to a new place. We will seek to build on our momentum from the retreat. You are the best. I hope our paths cross again soon."

Jason Berstein YPO Philadelphia Forum

Jason Berstein YPO Philadelphia Forum

"John has a long list of heart-felt testimonials and it took me about an hour of working with John in a forum setting to understand why. He is a gifted person who is doing what he is passionate about—helping other people to achieve their full potential. His listening skills, observations, and constructive challenges place him at the top of his field."

Rom LaPointe  Liquid Force Forum

Rom LaPointe Liquid Force Forum

"I want you to know that of the 6 EO Forum retreats I have participated in, this was the most positive and uplifting experience. I am in a very good place and looking forward to building on the momentum. Thank you."

Jill K. Bookman  YPO Forum Retreat

Jill K. Bookman YPO Forum Retreat

"Thank you again for facilitating what for me was a very enjoyable and heart-felt forum experience. I have been with my forum for almost 8 years and we explored ideas and concepts that we had not touched upon before. I am happy to have connected with my group in this way and greatly appreciate how you helped us understand each other on a richer & more soulful level. I hope that we will continue to bring creativity to our support of one another in the ways that you suggested".

Brooks Martin  YPO Iowa Forum

Brooks Martin YPO Iowa Forum

"John, thank you so much for facilitating for us. It was our best one by far. You really took us to a deeper place as a forum and that happened in one day with you. I was preparing to quit my forum after this retreat and now I am firmly “in”. You also made my personal demons visible to me and gave me a strategy to keep the negative thoughts and voices at bay. After reading your book I know that you are not just some motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river, but the real McCoy. You lived through hell yourself and came out a new person. One more voice of hope in my head. I look forward to seeing you on your checkup visit with our forum".

Catherine Connolly  YPO New England

Catherine Connolly YPO New England

Thank you so much for all the work you put into making this retreat so meaningful. It was my 4th retreat with this group and it was the best one by a long shot. As I mentioned in my closing, I thought the content was great but I really admire your ability to be probing and clear yet through your spirit and respectful approach you create a safe environment in which people can then dig deeper. I hope to learn from you in my own life and in particular with my leadership team. Thanks again for a terrific retreat.

Neil S. Beranbaum  YPO New England

Neil S. Beranbaum YPO New England

I’ve been a YPO’er for twelve years and worked with many facilitator over the years. John’s message and wisdom resonated louder and clearer than any other YPO resource. He is committed to personal growth and evidences his tenacity and thoughtfulness by rigorously preparing in advance of the retreat, using real life examples to highlight a theme/message and reinforces the learning process with continual reinforcement. He truly digs “deep” while maintaining a safe, confidential environment. Tremendous value.

Marci Steiner  YPO Spousal Forum – Washington/Baltimore

Marci Steiner YPO Spousal Forum – Washington/Baltimore

" Just wanted to reach out and thank you both for supporting our forum this past week at retreat. You are gifted, and I am so glad that you offer yourselves to the world the way you do! You are making a difference and we are grateful! I thought you also did an excellent job of covering what we asked you to in a short one day with us."

Jeff Breazeale  YPO Atlanta

Jeff Breazeale YPO Atlanta

"Thank you so much for the experience you gave me (and the rest of our new forum) this past week. You exposed us to new tools and ways of thinking that have really helped me and others in a positive way. We are sharing positive results almost daily, which is fun. The retreat was the start of what I think will be a great forum and I appreciate your guidance in getting us off to a strong start in the right direction".

David Repinski  YPO Dallas

David Repinski YPO Dallas

"The first retreat that John facilitated was great, but having him back for the next one was even better. Through developing a closer relationship with our forum and better understanding each of us, John was able to help us have a far more enriching experience".

Artur Jotic  YPO Puerto Rico

Artur Jotic YPO Puerto Rico

"Thank you for the experience. I have no doubt we are way ahead of where we were as a group when we started the process. I have known these guys for more than 7 years but I can say that I now have a much better understanding of who they are. This will help us establish a very solid base for the future".

Lucile Houellemont de Gamundi  YPO Forum - Dominican Republic

Lucile Houellemont de Gamundi YPO Forum - Dominican Republic

"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful experience for us.  I am still figuring out what exactly went on for me and the others on that weekend we spent with you. I can tell you I have renewed my passion for life (and my work). I have come to a deeper understanding of what I want in my life”.

Marc Miller  YPO New York

Marc Miller YPO New York

"First and foremost, I want to thank you for the past 2 days. I really got a tremendous amount out of it and am grateful for the time I had.
I felt a transformation and my actions are showing it.  For that, I thank you again".

Marco De la Rosa YPO Forum - Dominican Republic

Marco De la Rosa YPO Forum - Dominican Republic

"I just want to thank you for facilitating an outstanding retreat and for giving me tools during the weekend and through your book to start my Journey. It was a pleasure to know you.  You can count on me as a friend in the Dominican Republic".

Marc Roth EO Chicago

Marc Roth EO Chicago

"Thanks very much for moderating one of my favorite retreats in ten years. I’m grateful for your passion toward providing us with an excellent experience. The survey you had us fill out about ourselves was amongst the best and most thoughtful that I’ve ever completed (and I’ve done many including the 360 degree experience). Your personal interview after reading the completed survey really exemplified your commitment to getting to know us as individuals as well as a group in advance, and undoubtedly played a major role in your preparedness. I also like the way in which you engaged our spouses/partners to drill down potential hurdles and/or growth opportunities. Again, given that we only had a couple days, your pre-retreat work really helped us all get to the top 1% very quickly. I also wanted to compliment you on your moderator style and effectiveness. Your ability to balance respect, directness, and passion for the experience helped get to the juicy stuff quickly, built trust amongst the group extending to you as a moderator, and helped us stay honest and on track. Your moderating was truly key to our experience, as was evident when we all felt both exhausted and exhilarated coming out of each day’s session".

Mark Dover WPO Montreal

Mark Dover WPO Montreal

"John challenges, provokes and guides. In our Forum retreat,  he created an environment that encouraged openness and sensitivity. Thank you for helping us to deepen the journey and teach us how to make our future forums more meaningful and fulfilling.”

Thomas Cleary   YPO Chicagoland

Thomas Cleary YPO Chicagoland

“John did an empowering forum retreat for us that really took our group to a new level. I believe he has given us the tools to help us continue to reach new heights and better understanding of ourselves and others. Prepare to face the awkward and go beyond.”

Jeffrey Rose  WPO Philadelphia

Jeffrey Rose WPO Philadelphia

"First and foremost, the retreat was a "job well done".  I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.  Of course, that was partly due to everyone's full engagement and honesty; but perhaps of even greater impact was your leadership, which enabled us to participate so fully."

Billie Attaway   CEO Opportunity Investment Capital

Billie Attaway CEO Opportunity Investment Capital

"I want to personally thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and expertise with the group. You have caused me to look at things differently, to question my "excuses", and to look at the root of who I am, where I came from and why I let that influence me. Your exercise where we all wrote down a secret we have never shared with anyone else was especially eye opening."

Lori Bonn Gallagher,    Lori Bonn Design

Lori Bonn Gallagher, Lori Bonn Design

"I have to tell you that many of us thought your breakout session was the best and most impactful one of the weekend.   Between that and Wednesday evening's event, we have decided you are a Rock Star!"

Melinda M. Justi   Spouse Transitional Forum

Melinda M. Justi Spouse Transitional Forum

"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful "Retreat" day yesterday.  You touched on all the wants of the group and gave us workable plans to implement a more structured forum process.  I am sure we will rely on many of your suggestions for years to come.  Our forum has the opportunity to go forward without restrictions on what can and should be talked about or said and that will open up so many avenues for exploration that have never existed in this group.

What a wonderful gift to the group.

So Thank you John for lending us yourself for the day and helping us move forward!  Please thank Debbie as well.  You have made a difference in our forum and each of our lives."

 G. Michael Maddock,  CEO

G. Michael Maddock, CEO

"For the past decade, a group of global entrepreneurs has been meeting at MIT for a week of intense learning and kinship.  During this period, we've been blessed to learn from an impressive list of thought leaders–from billionaires, to athletes, to clergy and everything in between. This year, we asked John to join our group as a coach and thought leader. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job. He handled every interaction with extraordinary wisdom and skill. He was rated as one of our best speakers!"

Greg Harris   WPO Philadelphia

Greg Harris WPO Philadelphia

I believe you have a tremendous value to give to those who are willing to change. I know in our brief time that I have taken some steps to change what I do. I will never forget this experience.

David Repinski  YPO Dallas

David Repinski YPO Dallas

"I really got a lot out of our time together. What we talked about has really had a profound impact on me and I was quick to share pieces of it with my wife, daughter and colleagues. I’ve also managed to get off to a good start on some of my agreed life changing improvements!"

Brian Bulatao  YPO Dallas

Brian Bulatao YPO Dallas

Thanks for facilitating a very effective and efficient Forum Retreat.  The agenda, content and delivery were spot on and conducted with the utmost professionalism and commitment to excellence.   Right dose…right time for our Forum.  Thanks again for your efforts and dedication to helping our journey to high performance.

Rick Miller YPO FUNO Forum

Rick Miller YPO FUNO Forum

"John has been instrumental in leading our YPO forum to achieve and maintain level three intimacy.  We were created four years ago with little in common.  Today, with John’s help and guidance, our forum provides a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment where any significant personal or professional issues and opportunities are explored with full disclosure.  We know we are all there for each other to help each other in times of need, to offer potential solutions to problems, and to hold each other accountable for actions and decisions in life.  I cannot imagine life without my forum mates."

Dirk T. Davis  YPO FUNO Forum

Dirk T. Davis YPO FUNO Forum

"Life is a journey that is best taken with people that will push you to grow in order to be the best you can be. You owe it to yourself and those you come in contact with to hire John Drury for your next retreat. Thank you for asking "Why" because that's what matters in life, Why we do the things we are passionate about."

Kerry Padrick  YPO FUNO Forum

Kerry Padrick YPO FUNO Forum

"John is an exceptional leader, facilitator and guide, he is able to take groups to a new level each and every time!  We ( YPO Forum ) have used John for 4 years; I hired John to step into a very difficult setting with my "new" forum - we had just split our forum in two and added two new members to our group - 4 retreats later we have the highest rated forum in our chapter and have gone to new highs even when we thought we could go no higher - Thanks John for your passion and brilliance that you have brought to us - cant wait for next year!  Can we REALLY go any deeper..... - YES!"

John A. Stirek   YPO FUNO Moderator

John A. Stirek YPO FUNO Moderator

"As a Moderator, Chapter Network Officer, EPIC Event Chairman, and next year’s Chapter Chair, I have utilized John for both forum and chapter events for the past five years.   While we all have many choices for who we can use as a facilitator, I have chosen John every opportunity each experience builds on the prior ones and takes us to higher levels of learning and insights.   We just completed a Forum retreat and once again, John’s program and facilitation left us saying “Our best retreat ever---he did it again!”.   I am confident he will continue to do that when we choose him again for next year’s programs….."

Tom Sperry  YPO FUNO Forum

Tom Sperry YPO FUNO Forum

"Our latest retreat with John was our 4th year in a row. Each year we exceed our expectations. We grow as a forum, grow as leaders and more importantly grow as people. Thanks John!"

Jim Schoeneck

Jim Schoeneck

"Thank YOU both (John Drury & Kaley Warner Klemp) again for your time, talent and contributions not only to the GLC, but to YPO overall.  I am thrilled to see the 2 of you getting accolades (and YPO work), with the passion and expertise you bring to the table.  I’ve personally recommended both of you over the past year and when I hear back, the members are very happy campers".

Carrie Wilkin  YPO Austin Spousal Forum

Carrie Wilkin YPO Austin Spousal Forum

Thanks again for an absolutely amazing retreat! You were phenomenal...exactly what we were looking for!  I think we all really got to a place that we've been wanting to go for awhile...and we definitely look forward to working with you in the months to come to stay as close to there as possible through our monthly meetings. We truly enjoyed getting to know you and are both inspiring and impressive people. :)

Netti Brown  YPO-WPO Forum Director, Education

Netti Brown YPO-WPO Forum Director, Education

On behalf of the Forum GLC team I would like to thank you for taking part in the GLC and for sharing your expertise and warmth so readily. Your contributions to our workshops was extremely valuable and our Forum Officers and Spouse Forum Coordinators reflected their satisfaction in their evaluations.

Garrick D. Bernstein  YPO New York

Garrick D. Bernstein YPO New York

Your goal in life was to help leaders and change lives. I firmly believe that you helped shift my coordinates in life; I've been on the journey but your approach added fresh perspective. I am inspired.

Mark Duckworth  YPO New York

Mark Duckworth YPO New York

"Thank you so much for leading our retreat and all you did to make it great.  I have been in YPO for eight years and this was by far one of the best retreats I had every participated in.  You had a unique style of encouraging openness and pushed us when needed.  With our group being a new forum, this was exactly what we needed to come together and we now have a much stronger forum with a strong foundation to grow.  I also grew personally from our work and I appreciate you pushing me to be more open in areas I need to work on".

Christopher Griffin  YPO Chicagoland

Christopher Griffin YPO Chicagoland

“Our forum was one year old and at a crossroads. We all wanted more, but were not sure what more was, how it might happen if at all, and how it might feel. Having John facilitate our first retreat gave us the tools to find deeper purpose in our forum, help chart our course for the coming year, and provide us the tools so that we can be an effective forum for each and every member. I look forward to the next opportunity to be with John.”

Zane Robertson  YPO Denver

Zane Robertson YPO Denver

"John recently facilitated the new Transformational Forum program for our Forum and he was incredible. Definitely one of the best facilitators we’ve had in our ten years as a Forum.  His ability to help us discover our own insights was much more powerful than just giving us “the answer.”  I have no doubt that our Forum is permanently changed as a result of John’s work with us. Thank you!"

Ben Aissa YPO Chicagoland

Ben Aissa YPO Chicagoland

"At first, I was a little skeptical about hiring John to help our newly formed YPO forum group come together and “gel”. We had a member that recently quit our forum group, and two more that were on the brink of leaving. We needed immediate help keeping the team together. After spending merely a day with John, our group turned around 180 degrees, and is now a lot more coherent. We’ve “gelled” greatly thanks to John's help, knowledge and expertise. John demonstrated great skill helping me, and each member of my forum, become a better executive, a better father and a better leader. I highly recommend him to other YPO members. Thank you very much for your help."

Pete Davis  EO Detroit

Pete Davis EO Detroit

"I've had the privilege of working with John on two retreats now.  The first was unbelievable and to my surprise the second was better.  The personal breakthroughs, communication techniques, and forum depth I took away are hard to explain.  I'd recommend John to any forum that really wants to get after it!"

Martin Mayorga  YPO DC Group

Martin Mayorga YPO DC Group

The retreat was a huge success. You were the facilitator that our group needed. We continued with the momentum the next day and even had some clearings that kept things at a very honest level. We were also able to push through norms very efficiently and even agreed on turning off electronics! Interactions since the retreat have been incredibly efficient and a lot more “human”.

Claudia Carroll YPO Atlanta Spousal Forum

Claudia Carroll YPO Atlanta Spousal Forum

"I had such and amazing retreat and am very appreciative of your insight and guidance. You and Deb were wonderful to be with!  I really enjoyed my time with each of you."

David Panton  YPO Atlanta

David Panton YPO Atlanta

“John did an amazing job in helping our Forum "go deeper" and providing the specific tools and techniques to help us get there.  He probed when he needed to probe, pushed when he needed to push, and took it easy when it was probably a good idea.  I strongly recommend him as a Facilitator and look forward to him working with us in the future.  As an aside, he is a really cool guy!”

Kim Weinberg  Coach In Motion

Kim Weinberg Coach In Motion

"It was great to meet you last week at the YPO Certified Forum Facilitators Meeting.  Your boundless ideas and energy with YPO-WPO forums is wonderful for the organization, and I’m glad to have you in our corner.  I can’t thank you enough for your openness and willingness to share your best practices and business ideas with our community.  I learned a lot from you and truly appreciate your generosity.

Your participation in the meeting last week gave me the best ‘take-home value.’  Thank you again."

Matt DeSoto YPO PA

Matt DeSoto YPO PA

"I wanted to personally thank you for a fantastic job at our retreat!  I believe that the group got a tremendous amount out of our time together!  Again, thank you thank you thank you for helping our forum!!  Our entire group will look forward to spending more time with you!!"

Steven J. Graubart  YPO Houston

Steven J. Graubart YPO Houston

"John attended our last forum retreat as a facilitator and trainer. Despite the skeptical nature of our forum around "soft skills," Drury delivered beyond expectations. He gave us the framework, language and tactical tools to navigate and resolve issues among our forum, within our businesses and in every important personal relationship we have. I have personally used his tools for the past month to confront issues within my family and my business while teaching his methods to my closest relationships. Drury has favorably impacted my life and everyone who invests time with him. Thank you John."

Seth Wise  YPO Miami Forum

Seth Wise YPO Miami Forum

"Thanks for leading a transformational retreat. All the guys expressed great satisfaction with the personal and group learning. Nice work John!"

Scott Maly YPO Detroit

Scott Maly YPO Detroit

"Best retreat we've done in my 6 years. Thanks John!!"

Sam Smith YPO Indianapolis

Sam Smith YPO Indianapolis

"Our one-day Forum Group Event earlier this week was packed with many valuable ideas and concepts. John did a tremendous job giving us some useful tools to help take our Forum Group to the next level."

Robert Donovan  President  Dealer Online Marketing

Robert Donovan President Dealer Online Marketing

"After many years of utilizing the services provided by John, I decided to invest in my start-up company of fifteen employees. We spent a priceless weekend in mountains learning and growing both personally and professionally. The results in the office were immediate."

Rob Granader YPO DC

Rob Granader YPO DC

"And by the way, historically our retreats ended and it was up to us to put the pieces back together. These follow up emails and the offer to come to a Forum meeting is a vast improvement for us and helps carry on the spirit of the retreat."

Reed Dulany III  YPO Atlanta

Reed Dulany III YPO Atlanta

"I gave our most recent retreat with you the highest rating that I have ever given. You really pressed us and that was exactly what we needed. I believe that the message hit home too and that we will continue pushing forward rather than falling back. Thanks John."

Mark Michael YPO DC

Mark Michael YPO DC

"Thanks for your work John. I think everyone benefited from the experience and I know, collectively, that we are in a better place."

Mario Murgado YPO Miami

Mario Murgado YPO Miami

"Wow, is correct! I thought the retreat was great and judging from everyone’s feedback, they found the retreat to be great and are energized! I thought you were fantastic and the perfect moderator for our group. Once again, thank you John."

Leslie Nielsen YPO Portland

Leslie Nielsen YPO Portland

"Can't commend you enough on the spectacular job you did. The "Sequel" had to be better than the first in order to even rate at the same level. You really delivered. I'm still replaying events and amazed at how you had us go through such complex discovery and at the same time unfolded it so delicately and easily that it was so clear and natural."

Kevin Hull   Emerge Broward Leadership Program

Kevin Hull Emerge Broward Leadership Program

"I personally learned so much about myself and the main areas I need to improve upon to really uncover my true self. It was a great experience and I look forward to the continue learning. Thanks John."

Julie & Doug Bowen

Julie & Doug Bowen

"We determined that travel is our number one common passion and started a bucket list of things we want to try out moving forward. Needless to say - the three candles are burning bright! Thanks for providing the tools and conduit to help us get ever closer to reaching the stars."

John Stirek YPO Portland

John Stirek YPO Portland

"You did a fantastic job taking off from where we were and really getting us higher than I expected….you have a gift man! I will keep in touch as I do want to keep the connection high within the group---I’ll reach out for some of your passion. Thanks again for making our retreat more than even the high expectations!"

John E. Bauknight, IV  YPO GIFT Forum

John E. Bauknight, IV YPO GIFT Forum

"We have used John on three retreats now and it’s safe to say that three’s a charm. Having recently grown our Forum from five of the original members to 8 John did a FANTASTIC job getting us “all in”; all are ready for a Inside Out Edge challenge."

Jofi Baldrich  YPO Puerto Rico

Jofi Baldrich YPO Puerto Rico

"Our forum retreat experience was amazing and I truly believe John has taken us to a level of trust and intimacy none of us thought possible. GRACIAS John!!!"

Jim Harris YPO Philadelphia

Jim Harris YPO Philadelphia

"Thank you John. It was a real pleasure to be part of a retreat facilitated by you. As I mentioned as we were leaving, I thought you did an excellent job drawing out things in the members that would never have emerged without your thoughtful intervention."

Jeff Small  YPO Atlanta

Jeff Small YPO Atlanta

"Thank you for a wonderful retreat. For me, the experience was not only eye-opening but groundbreaking as well. You have given me some powerful tools to work on my personal growth over the next year. I look forward to letting you know how things progress."

Jeff Kittle YPO Indiana

Jeff Kittle YPO Indiana

"John was exactly what our forum needed. We wanted to get off on the “right foot” so we had John facilitate our first meeting. He did an outstanding job and trained our forum on YPO forum best practices that we now use at every forum meeting. We were so impressed with John that we hired him to facilitate our first retreat. He again knocked the ball out of the park and made “game changing” shifts for our forum. I highly recommend John."

Jarrett Levan YPO Miami

Jarrett Levan YPO Miami

"Again, thank you for creating a great Retreat experience for me and for the Forum. You have brought us closer together and I have a new outlook on the Forum experience. You are an exceptional facilitator and I believe made a great career choice."

Jack Drury (with Son John) YPO Father/Son Retreat

Jack Drury (with Son John) YPO Father/Son Retreat

"Every father should have the experience I had with my son - witnessing the love, the honesty, the crying and laughter was something I will never forget. I can't wait to do another retreat!"

Jack Cay YPO Atlanta

Jack Cay YPO Atlanta

"Thanks John. You added to our few days enormously and we felt like it was an enriching experience. Our best retreat yet, even if it was only the 2nd."

Ira Mendelson  Transformational Forum Retreat

Ira Mendelson Transformational Forum Retreat

"I just wanted to say again how much I/we enjoyed our time together during the Transitional Forum retreat. Your skills in moderating our Forum helped us not only understand the process but enabled us to connect on an even deeper level. Even though this was the first TF program you facilitated it seem as if you had done this program many times. You have a very special talent and ability and I appreciate your passion."

Greg Glass   YPO Atlanta

Greg Glass YPO Atlanta

"It was a pleasure to work with you. I am impressed with your unique ability to peal away the layers and allow us to see ourselves and each other in a different light."

Don Aquilano   YPO Indiana

Don Aquilano YPO Indiana

"We chose John to facilitate our forum's first retreat. To a man, we are glad we did. The preparation, facilitation, and post-retreat follow-up far exceeded our expectations. We were pushed intellectually, emotionally and even spiritually, and returned home both stronger individually and as a group. Our forum now considers John and Barry "ex-officio" members, and will continue to work with John going forward."

Dave Sproat YPO Chicago

Dave Sproat YPO Chicago

"John, I appreciate the splendid effort by you and Barry. I feel the group came away very enriched and personally much more connected. In addition, I appreciate your related story. As I reflect it gives me inspiration to mend my family and my life."

Curtis Warfield YPO Kentucky

Curtis Warfield YPO Kentucky

"It was an extremely powerful week for me. I just want to thank you for your time listening to me and your awesome feedback. You are truly very talented. I was so amazed at how quickly you were able to assess an individuals situation and address deep conscious and unconscious issues. It was like you had telepathic powers!!! I've never witnessed anything like it in person. People like you are normally on television. I'm not kidding!! Continue to follow your passion and be a blessing to others! I am thankful that our paths crossed."

Brent Mayes YPO Portland

Brent Mayes YPO Portland

"Thanks for last weekend.  It was good for me.  You have quite a way of pulling out and crystallizing the emotions that I have not been able to separate from the "soup".  I always get a kick out of watching the forum interact and I guess watch them think.  It was good for me to watch you work and think as well.  I am still shaking my head at how you got away pushing us farther than I have ever seen us pushed. Bringing you up will have lasting affects and was a brilliant move."

Bob Ward YPO Father/Son Retreat

Bob Ward YPO Father/Son Retreat

"I really enjoyed the retreat. You guys did a great job putting it all together and orchestrating it from beginning to end. You took some risks with the agenda but they paid off handsomely."

Annette Davis YPO Spousal Forum Indianapolis

Annette Davis YPO Spousal Forum Indianapolis

"Thank you so much for your time and energy!  Everyone got a lot out of it! It was incredible work!! You did a great job with us! I know we are not an easy group! We all feel closer due to our time with you! I am grateful for your guidance and I look forward to continuing our work together! Thanks again! Wishing you the best!"

Adam Gilliatte  YPO Indiana

Adam Gilliatte YPO Indiana

"We loved your work.  Though life has no road maps, it’s sure nice to ask directions and get pointed on the right path. You guys leave nothing on the table. Your work is your passion, and it shows.   You will forever be part of my life."

George R. Bell YPO Kentucky

George R. Bell YPO Kentucky

"Every time you interface w/ our forum our performance individually and as a forum improves. You have a real knack for “working the process” and “pushing the edges”. Thanks for your continued help in making each and all of us better."

Javier Lamoso - Participant in the YPO Puerto RIco Chapter Moderator Training

Javier Lamoso - Participant in the YPO Puerto RIco Chapter Moderator Training

"Going back over my mental notes, I realized that over the years I have worked with 8 different resources of YPO Forum and although all have been enriching I have to say that you guys have provided me with the most take home value and soul building tools!"

Henry Mizrahi YPO Montreal

Henry Mizrahi YPO Montreal

"John and Jeff are the personification of "Passion Rules". Our retreat experience changed our Forum in a significant and positive way. They worked hard to understand and get to know all Forum members and encouraged us to honestly express our current level of satisfaction within Forum. We then worked together to build on our great and close relationships within the Forum. They passed on powerful tools to help us move to a higher level of transparency and communication. We are all very motivated to use these tools to improve our Forum experience, as well as our business and personal lives. John and Jeff have inspired and motivated us to achieve more. we all look forward to continuing to build on the concepts and tools that we learned, with them guiding the way."