Think of emotions as guideposts – giving you information about what is going on around you. If you can see emotions as tools to help you navigate your life and relationships then you can reframe any belief you hold about the value of emotions.


Reframe Pain

Pain and suffering are a necessary and critical part of life. Without pain and suffering, we would not be able to learn the lessons we are meant to learn, or heal the wounds of our past.


Mask Emotions

We need to learn how to process our emotions in a healthy and safe way. Holding them inside will only lead to problems. It's like tying to hold beach balls underwater - they will eventually pop out.



The path to true freedom is to decide that you do not want to suffer anymore. Fear is a block to your freedom. We fear that we are not good enough or that we will fail. We fear that people will turn on us, take advantage of us, or stop loving us. We fear experiencing pain, anguish and sorrow. You become free by transcending the fear.