Know Thyself

Know Thyself is the key to creating a successful and meaningful leadership journey. This topic explores how to dive into your self in order to live and lead from the inside out.



Change is hard to do. Not because we don’t want to it, but because of how our brain is wired. And if you don’t understand how it works then the likelihood that you’ll make any lasting changes is not very good. With motivation and the right effort you can rewire your brain.

If want to make a change, understanding is not enough. Intellectual understanding is just the threshold of making the change. The work is going in and changing the deep seeded belief system - the wiring or software that runs the computer.

What has been learned can be unlearned.


Ego Crusher

You have to take charge of your EGO. You have to run the show and the let the ego know it is in service to you. If you can manage this switch in roles then you will open up a whole new world of growth and possibilities.


Ego Stories

It is incredible the stories we make up in our mind. Our ego does an great job of weaving judgments with facts to make this stories seem true. This video will help you unravel the process in order to shift how these stories impact your life.