Chapter Programs

Four Options To Support Your Chapter

John has created 4 different programs to support your Chapter. Each program is designed to create a unique powerful experience for the members:


    Many YPO chapters are creating a members-only, mandatory-attendance, Retreat for the Chapter. John has facilitated these types of Chapter retreat experiences. They help to bring the entire chapter closer together and to improve the overall satisfaction of the YPO experience by your members.


    John also suggests a Chapter Couples’ Retreat experience for couples, designed to create deeper, more meaningful relationships and to build bonds to the other couples in the Chapter. In his experience, over 75% of YPO’ers have some level of stress in their marriages. Whether a couple is in well- or critical-care, a Chapter sponsored couple’s retreat will provide new tools and the connection to improve the relationship.


    As a former YPO’er (now WPO’er), John fully understands the importance of both “take home value” and “entertainment value” required to make a world-class speech. John has created 2 keynote speeches on current topics:

    1. Reframing Chaos
    2. Inside Out Edge Leadership

    Facilitate Executive Committee and Forum Moderator Meetings – There are times that you may want to bring your EC together in a different way to build working relationships and gain alignment on direction or address important issues. In that way, John can work with you to facilitate the meeting to achieve your objectives. John will also gladly support your Forum Officer and Spousal Forum Coordinator at your next meeting of Forum Moderators.