Moderator Training

John Training A Group Of New Moderators For The Chapter In Puerto Rico.

John Training A Group Of New Moderators For The Chapter In Puerto Rico.

One of the best practices adopted by YPO for a healthy forum is Forum Moderator Development (formerly knows as MTP or Moderator Training Program). This is a critical program because it not only teaches the necessary skills to effectively run a forum meeting, but it also gives the participants a sense of what forum can “feel” like.

The skills learned include:

Best Practices Meeting Format

Understanding the Key Success Principles and How they Apply to your Forum

Dealing with difficult issues/situations/members

Techniques to Build an Effective Parking Lot

Maximizing the Power of Presentations

Understanding the Resources Available to Support Moderators

Who Should Attend?

This needs to be a mandatory experience for all incoming moderators of your Forum. That being said, moderator development can also be done for the entire Forum, which is a great way for new Forums to get up to speed quickly. John also serves Chapters and Regions as they offer moderator development to their respective members.

The Training Edge

5 Unique Ways John Is Different Than Other Trainers (John is a Certified YPO/WPO Trainer):

  1. YPO/WPO Expertise: As a former YPO’er, John offers expert facilitation of YPO/WPO Forums and training events. He has created a unique program, The Training Edge, that maximizes the moderator training experience.
  2. Open Access to John For One Year: For one year following the training, the moderators have access to John for any questions or support that he can offer to ensure integration of the training into the monthly Forum meetings.
  3. Complimentary Moderator Tool Kit: John has created a moderator tool kit that consists of a series of moderator tools that compliment and support the YPO materials. These tools are packaged in a 12”x 24” carry bag.
  4. Quarterly Moderator TeleWorkshops: The Moderator’s will be able to attend his quarterly TeleWorkshops to learn new tools and timely content that he is seeing in his work with Forums.
  5. Photograph Your Retreat Experience: John photographs the training as a way to keep the experience alive. They can access and download the photos on his password protected web site.