Retreat Process

This is John's YPO Forum at their most recent retreat in North Carolina

This is John's YPO Forum at their most recent retreat in North Carolina

Forum plays a powerful role in our lives. Our forum enjoyed an inaugural jump-start 14 years ago at our first retreat, thanks to a professional facilitator, and has been reenergized, revitalized and affirmed with each successive retreat over the years. We have grown as a group, and witnessed profound moments in each of our lives through Forum – and, especially in retreat experiences. Those who have the gift of Forum membership will ride a magnificent journey, particularly when Forum’s power is leveraged with facilitated retreats.

John learned from his own forum experience that Forum is a safe place where we can speak our plain truth, and give and receive unconditional support.

John wants to help forum groups fully leverage the power of Forum. John has facilitated hundreds of YPO, WPO and EO retreats. This experience has given him a great opportunity to fully understand the anatomy of a successful forum as enhanced by the retreat experience.

Retreats can be:

Thematic or topical (for example, exploring relationships; discussing sex, money or spirituality; addressing life purpose and passions);

Focused on charging or recharging the Forum’s energy level (introducing new members; transitioning or integrating; figuring out what’s preventing the group from getting to the next level);

Oriented to personal exploration and self-discovery work (for example, discovering blind spots or shadows that may inhibit growth).

The Inside Out Edge

As former a YPO’er, small group member and small group moderator, John offers expert facilitation of small group retreats. John has created a unique program, Inside Out Edge, which maximizes both the retreat and post retreat experience.

Pre-Retreat Process:

The three key components of the Pre-Retreat Process include:

Confidential Questionnaire: John captures detailed information about you and your Forum through the pre-Retreat Confidential Questionnaire. This allows him to get up to speed about you and the Forum prior to the retreat. John can then use the retreat time to focus on the objectives of the retreat versus gathering this important information.

One-on-One Call: John calls everyone for a pre-Retreat Coaching Conversation. This call allows him t0 hear directly from each Forum member about their issues with the Forum and their retreat expectations.

Customized Retreat Agenda: From the information and retreat objectives John gathers from the questionnaires and the one-on-one calls, he designs a customized Retreat Agenda tailored to your Forum. This allows him to be specific about meeting the needs of your Forum in order to provide a meaningful retreat experience that addresses what the group wants.

Post-Retreat Process:

John believes that the Power of Forum is leveraged when you successfully integrate the retreat experience into your monthly meetings. He considers the retreat a success if one year from your retreat experience the group has sustained change as a result of your time with John.

So John offers a Post-Retreat Process that will help ensure that you integrate the retreat experience into your monthly meetings.

Six-Month Meeting Review: John will work with the Moderator for 6 months to review the integration of the retreat insights into the monthly meetings. John will have pre- and post- meeting calls with the Moderator to discuss and review meetings and progress on integration.

Open Access For One Year: For one year following the retreat, you have access to John for any questions or support that he can offer you and your group. The support can be around dealing with sensitive issues, special exercises for a monthly meeting, etc.